New in 2017

NAABB Certified Broker Web Site

The new broker web site that is included in this opportunity is the most advanced broker web site in the marketplace. We are launching the industry’s first interactive web site that allows the NAABB broker to electronically format listing agreements and sales agreements through their app . The agreement is then automatically emailed to the broker and the seller / buyer. It can also be printed on location if desired. And as 2017 progresses we will be adding app platforms to the web sites.

Professional Football Players Network

This is the grandest platform that we have ever negotiated on behalf of NAABB. We now represent over 14,000 active and retired professional football players who are looking into investing into small to mid sized businesses. Our NAABB Certified Brokers can now brand themselves with this massive network of professional athletes further establishing domination in their markets. And this network has the potential to explode into other professional sports.

Updated Income Potential

All of these numbers are based on actual sales numbers in 2016. 72% of quality businesses sold within their agreement period. The average commission earned by the broker off these sales was $53,000 per sale. The successful NAABB broker listed between 8-12 quality businesses and sold between 5-8 quality businesses.

New Orleans 2018

The 3rd Annual NAABB Broker Conference will be held  in New Orleans on March 23-25, 2018.

About Us

A business broker is hired by business owners to sell his or her business in a confidential manner to qualified business buyers. We broker the sale of the business goodwill and assets rather than real estate. And not only are we in high demand but we are also economy proof. Last, you DO NOT need business broker experience.

NAABB Founder & Owner Scott Radin is one of the most experienced business broker professionals in the world. Scott Radin trains all new brokers himself 1-on-1 in the broker's home town / territory. The three day training program trains practical applications of business brokering systems.

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